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Borneo Headhunters Hat 2010

In order to give exposure to Ultimate and grow the sport in Sabah, SUPA is organising Sabah’s first Ultimate tournament.

Due to the lack of players, never mind teams, we have decided to follow a hat tournament format. A hat tournament enables individual players to participate, as the tournament organisers divides all players into new teams. Players rate themselves based on their throwing, catching, defense and speed abilities.

Each team, as far as possible, is balanced with a mix of experienced and novice players, ultimately aiming to put each team on an even footing.

The tournament is aimed at mainly Sabahans and is on a shoe-string budget to keep the entry fees down. Participants from outside Sabah are welcome though, keeping in mind that the level of play will likely be quite modest.

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Sabah Ultimate Players Association Restart

If you’ve been paying any attention to the Sabah Ultimate website recently, you would have noticed it to be about as stagnant as bog in the dry season.

I do believe the last time we updated the site was shortly after Obama became president of the US.  So then I was reminded when I read a report about his first year in office recently, that the Sabah Ultimate website has similarly dropped in ratings due to not being updated frequently.

Previously we utilised Joomla for content management, but since then much work has been done with WordPress as a content management system on other websites.  Joomla has now been jettisoned in favour of the more familiar and less complicated WordPress.

Sabah Ultimate’s website will now once again thrive with updates and content...

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