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Borneo Headhunters Hat 2011 – Rules, Schedule & Scoring

OK Borneo Headhunters Hat 2011 Participants, here’s some more details for those of you itching to know more about Sabah’s Hat tournament.

First, the Rules.

Borneo Headhunters Hat 11 Rules

Yes, the rules are what makes Ultimate Ultimate, so our tournament will follow them.

We follow the WFDF’s Latest¬†Ultimate Rules. Learn it; love it; play it.

You have no excuses not to know the rules. Know your stuff when it comes to contact, fouls and especially the Spirit of the Game!

The the By Laws for the Borneo Headhunters Hat 2011 is as follow:


Teams will elect their own captains on Saturday morning.

Pick somebody who will champion the Spirit of the Game at all cost.  Also good to have in a captain: Knowledge of the Rules, Knowledge of Game Plays and Experience.

Your captain must report t...

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Borneo Headhunters Hat 2011 Accommodation Deals

Now that the registration fee cutoff date is looming (14 January if you’ve not been paying attention), you probably have your flights booked and are looking for accommodation.

Through our local player base we’ve managed to secure the following deals for you at Imperial International Hotel & Imperial Boutec Hotel, as well as the Borneo Beachouse Backpackers.

Imperial International Hotel & Imperial Boutec Hotel

Located right next to each other in Warisan Square in the middle of the city, staying here means you will be in the thick of things when it comes to Kota Kinabalu’s nightlife, restaurants and shopping. It also means that you’ll be a bus ride or a RM15 taxi ride from the field, but you gotta give up something.

Offering slightly different levels of comfort, the Imperial International Ho...

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