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BHH 2012 Wrap-up

Someone did the No-rain dance very exuberantly prior to last weekend. In what’s regarded as the hottest day in Borneo Headhunters Hat history yet, Borneo Headhunters Hat 2012 wrapped up with over a hundred players from 8 nations vying for the coveted BHH 2012 Championship title. Their reward: A Borneo Headhunters 2012 ultimate Frisbee disc and a championship medal.

The hot weather provided a challenge for all players and the tournament saw plenty of players suffering from muscle cramps. But nothing could provide a bigger challenge for the participants than the tournament champions, Red Hot Silly Divers, that dominated all the teams they played against.

23 games were played during the tournament, spread out between 3 fields, making for an Ultimate-packed Saturday...

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BHH 2012 Schedules & Format

Less than 3 more days to the first game of the 3rd Borneo Headhunters Hat so lets satisfy your information cravings with the tournament schedules and format.

BHH 2012 Rules

Yes, BHH 2012 definitely rules. Jokes aside, Ultimate Frisbee is a unique self-refereed sport, but players still abide by rules governing it.  As such, we follow the World Flying Disc Federation, WFDF’s Latest Ultimate Rules. Time to go brush up your knowledge.

You have no excuses not to know the rules. Know your stuff when it comes to contact, fouls and especially the Spirit of the Game!

The By Laws for the Borneo Headhunters Hat 2012 is as follow:


Teams will elect their own captains on Saturday morning during the 7:30 am team meeting. So be on-time.

Pick somebody who will champion the Spirit of the Game a...

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BHH 2012 – What to expect?

This is it. Few more days to Borneo Headhunters Hat 2012.

Its been hot on some days and raining on others here in Kota Kinabalu so bring your sunscreen and hat and be prepared for a hot weekend or a muddy field (or both). Sadly, we have no control over the weather but we do however have control on playing safe and injury-free. Here’s the outline of the tournament:

Friday, February 24

7:30 pm – 11 pm  Registration party at Upperstar (Segama Complex)

Saturday, February 25

Borneo Headhunters Hat (Padang Sukma Likas)

7:30 am  Team Meeting (All players need to report at the field at this time)

8:00 am  Captain’s Briefing

8:30 am  Tournament starts

– – –

7:30 pm  Saturday Night Party (Party Box, Waterfront): Free flow soft drinks and happy hour price on other drinks...

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