Ultimate is played in Kota Kinabalu, Sabah, in the Malaysian part of the island of Borneo.

Unable to form an official body since play started in 2007, the only known team in Sabah is the Borneo Headhunters.

Around 20 regulars play Ultimate on the beach, under floodlights on Tuesday and Thursday evenings, and on Sundays on a reasonably good grass field near the beach.

Sabah Ultimate Players follow World Flying Disc Federation’s rules.

Check out the sessions section for when to join.  Everybody who is willing to learn, run, follow the rules and choose the correct side are welcome to join a game with the Borneo Headhunters.

Apply to join the Facebook Group: Ultimate Frisbee Sabah

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  • Lionel LAVAUD  says:

    Hi, my name is Lionel, I’m french and I discovered and enjoy Ultimate 12 years ago during my studies in England. This sport is not well developped in France, thus now in Sabah, I found your website and may be the opportunity to practise again. Please confirm me the next training and playing session.
    See you soon on the field

  • nazurah  says:

    i luv to play ultimate frisbee n i would like to join u all=)

  • Ultimate Jaco  says:

    Then by all means do join, you know when we play :)

  • panjang  says:

    hye! your website make me want to try this exciting game! are you all still playing every tuesday and thursday?

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