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BHH 2012 Wrap-up

Someone did the No-rain dance very exuberantly prior to last weekend. In what’s regarded as the hottest day in Borneo Headhunters Hat history yet, Borneo Headhunters Hat 2012 wrapped up with over a hundred players from 8 nations vying for the coveted BHH 2012 Championship title. Their reward: A Borneo Headhunters 2012 ultimate Frisbee disc and a championship medal.

The hot weather provided a challenge for all players and the tournament saw plenty of players suffering from muscle cramps. But nothing could provide a bigger challenge for the participants than the tournament champions, Red Hot Silly Divers, that dominated all the teams they played against.

23 games were played during the tournament, spread out between 3 fields, making for an Ultimate-packed Saturday...

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Ultimate Tournament in Kota Kinabalu, Sabah

This is the expertly filmed and edited video from the first Ultimate tournament held in Sabah earlier this year.  Our local scene is growing, so if you’re in Kota Kinabalu and want to play Ultimate (Frisbee), then contact us, or come to one of our pickup session and join the fun.

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Ultimate Sunday – The Charge

We had a big turn-out at the field today with plenty of people showing on time for change, what a pleasure.

So while we were waiting for a critical mass, we managed to warm up and do plenty of practice throws.  That will go a long way if we managed to do it before every pick-up session.

The session itself was good, if a little slow paced and was uneventful bar one incident.

Dangerous Play

Dangerous play and aggressive behavior is clearly not Spirit of the Game, but what happens in an incident where dangerous play might occur and whoever avoids it will lose the disc as in this incident?

A huck is flying towards the end-zone but will fall short. A defender is running along the end-zone line toward the corner with the offender running along the out-line...

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Ultimate Tuesday Pickup – The Stack

Great turnout today at Ultimate Tuesday Pick-up on the beach with some recently-not-so-regular players turning up anew and a blast from The Early Days, Louren, showing his face (and not-forgotten-Ultimate-moves) to our great delight.

I have a grass-burn (sand-burn) on my chin and a mild concussion headache from a little collision in the end zone, the fall of which I broke with my face. But rather than harp on the No Contact Rule, I instead would like to highlight something better that spontaneously erupted on the playing field – a Stack.

Well Stacked

I’m not sure how it started, but suddenly the opposing team was forming a stack. Yay! An offensive (attacking) strategy that was executed fairly OK considering that nobody knew exactly what they were doing.

In a minute we’ll have a closer l...

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