BHH 2013 Schedules & Format

BHH 2013 Schedules & Format

The 4th  Borneo Headhunters Hat is just around the corner so let’s satisfy your information cravings with important tournament information.

BHH 2013 Rules

Ultimate Frisbee is a unique self-refereed sport, but players still abide by rules governing it.  As such, we will follow the latest World Flying Disc Federation, WFDF Rules of Ultimate. Time to go brush up your knowledge.

You have no excuses not to know the rules. Know your stuff when it comes to contact, fouls and especially the Spirit of the Game!

The By Laws for the Borneo Headhunters Hat 2013 is as follow:


Teams will elect their own captains on Saturday morning during the 7:00 am team meeting. So be at the field before 7am.

Pick somebody who will champion the Spirit of the Game at all cost.  Also good to have in a captain: Knowledge of the Rules, Knowledge of Game Plays and Experience.

Your captain must report to the Tournament Director by 7:30 am Saturday morning with your team name, which you also have to decide on.

Game Format

First to 9 goals with a margin of 2 goals or more. Win-by-1 cap is 11 goals. Time-cap @35mins (i.e. finish current point. If lead by 2 goals or more, wins. If lead by 1, leading score + 1 wins. If tied, universe point).

Time Out: 1 per team per game (2 mins only). Time outs does not stop game clock.

Half time: There is no half-time during round-robin or playoffs except for Championship Finals (see finals rule below).

Female Players

It is compulsory to have a minimum of 2 female player per point. With Captains’ Agreement more or less female players can play per point, but never less than 1.

The Championship Finals

First to 11 goals with a margin of 2 goals or more. Win-by-1 cap is 13 goals. Time-cap @40mins (i.e. finish current point. If lead by 2 goals or more, wins. If lead by 1, leading score + 1 wins. If tied, universe point).

Time Out: 1 per team per half (2 mins only). Time outs do not stop game clock.

Half time: 5minutes half time taken when a team scores 5 goals or half-time cap at 20 minutes, whichever first. Half time stops game clock. When half time is called in between pulls, take the half time.

Tournament Format (Round Robin Stage)

There are 10 teams which will be split into two groups, Group a and Group b, playing against each other in the same Group during the morning matches. Captains will draw lots to determine their a1-a5 or b1-b5 placements during the 7:30am Captain’s Meeting.

 Time Field 1 Field 2 Field 3
8:00 am a1 vs. a2 b1 vs. b2 a3 vs. a4
8:55 am a1 vs. a5 b3 vs. b4 b1 vs. b5
9:50 am a2 vs. a3 b2 vs. b3 a4 vs. a5
10:45 am b4 vs. b5 a1 vs. a3
11:40 am a2 vs. a4 b2 vs. b4 b1 vs. b3
12:35 pm b3 vs. b5 a1 vs. a4 a3 vs. a5
1:30 pm a2 vs. a5 b2 vs. b5 b1 vs. b4

After all the morning match results are in, teams are reseeded in their groups to determine the afternoon playoff games A1-A5 and B1-B5, 1 being with most wins, 5 being with least wins. In the event of a tie, point differential will be used.

Point Differential = Offense Points – Defense Points
Example: Your team scores 10, your opponents score 4 on you. Your Point Differential is 6 (10 minus 4)
Or: You score 7 and your opponents score 13. Your Point Differential is -6 (7 minus 13)

If after considering wins and Points Differential and teams are still tied for a rank, we will look at past match-ups to determine the seedings for the playoffs. If Team a1 and Team a2 both have same wins and point differentials, the winner of previous match between Team a1 and Team a2 will determine the top seeding between the two.

Playoff format

Playoff Field 1 Field 2 Field 3
2:30 pm A3 vs. B4Game (5) B3 vs. A4Game (6) A5 vs. B5Game (9)
3:25 pm A1 vs. B2Game (1) B1 vs. A2Game (2) L-(5) vs. L-(6)Game (8)
4:20 pm L-(1) vs. L-(2)Game (4) W-(5) vs. W-(6)Game (7)
5:15 pm Borneo HeadHunters Hat 2013 Championship FinalW-(1) vs. W-(2)

No Moaning
The Tournament Director (TD) has the last and final say.

We have made every effort to balance the teams. Your team is what it is. Act like a champion and use what you have to overcome adversity.

Whatever happens to your team’s players on the day (no shows, upset stomachs, snowball in the eye) is your team’s fate and we cannot change it.

The Borneo Headhunters Hat wants to be known as the Best Spirited Tournament in Asia.  Help us by being friendly, having fun and making good calls on the field.

Any incidents of excessively bad Spirit will be swiftly and efficiently dealt with by Team Captains and the Tournament Director, which could include disqualification, revoked tournament privileges, being asked to leave or all of the above.

Winning is good, but playing well regardless of whether or not you’re winning, is better.

Let’s all be better! And have fun while we’re at it.


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