Borneo HeadhunThors Hat Theme

Borneo HeadhunThors Hat Theme

Finally, the 4th edition of the Borneo Headhunters Hat has been themed!

HeadhunThors Hat - At a Field Near You (Us) in 2013

Borneo HeadhunThors Hat

Probably because we all have a lot of Spandex lying around that is going unused, the committee decided on a superhero theme for the 2013 installation of our hat tournament.

Will you be all dark and mysterious as Batman? Or the hot and smoldering Black Widow? Perhaps you have a heart of palladium like Iron Man? Or Wonder Woman’s… whip?

But let’s try and avoid those mild mannered alter-egos shall we? No Clark Kents, Dianas of Themyscira, Peter Parkers, Selina Kyles or Bruce Waynes. They just don’t wear enough spandex for this theme (well, ok, maybe Diana of Themyscira does).

Where to start?

Your imagination is good place :) Otherwise, Google Images “superhero“.


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